My Story

Bunces Bunches is now in it’s third year and I am thrilled to have had the privilege of providing affordable, sustainable and fresh summer flowers for my local community during the past 3 years.

I have always loved gardening, from helping my Dad in his allotment as a young girl, to creating a garden at Eagle Cottage since 1994.

In 2022, I decided to change the vegetable garden into a flower garden as I was concerned for the plight of our bees and I wanted to bring more colour into the garden, so I bought several packets of bee friendly flowers and others that I liked, and gave it a go, with the help of my husband who has become the seed sower!

After a few months our garden was bursting with colour, and far too many flowers for us, and so Bunces Bunches was launched as I wanted to share the joy of having beautiful fresh flowers in the home.

Over the past 3 years I have experimented with different seeds and appear to have become a bit addicted to dahlias, resulting in unique arrangements that are so much nicer than shop bought flowers.

I have 2 wonderful helpers, my husband who grows the seeds and nurtures them until they are planted out, and my beloved Spaniel Charlie who is always on hand to dig holes and ‘help’ in his own inevitable style!!

I am really looking forward to this summer to see what the garden can provide, and sharing my bunches with old and new customers.